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The World-Class  ePlatform for Sharing and Fun

GMM ePlatform Business Plan

Knowledge is the wing where with we fly to heaven

- Shakespeare-

RIP Tattoo

To Become

We Strive to become

World Wide e-Platform

Integrated with

BlockChain Technology

Corporate Introduction

Dancing Skeleton

To Challenge

We seek, pursue, and always focus on

Development, Innovation,

Expansion and Stabilization of

e-Platform and e-Sports itself

To Qualify

Manpower with experience

in various environments,

More than 80% of us are

mid/high level engineers

With PM skills

For Ecosystem

Our ePlatform Ecosystem offers

revenue-sharing with investors,

 accurate reliability of operation,

& valuable results with high satisfaction


We manage, inspect, and

build standards for ePlatform industry

For the World 

Online/Offline Integration,


Wherever and whenever,

We will always be there

When you need solution

For your Fun

We believe in ‘Fun’

We believe in ‘e-Platform’


We believe in

what we bring to you

Welcome to our ePlatform


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GEB International LTD​.


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